Just as you must have safe karts, you must also have a safe circuit, with no hazardous barriers to damage your karts.

This is why BRBkarts offers their X-Safety barriers system, specially designed for kart hire. An easy-to-assemble system with the option of installing a range of holding systems in critical areas of the circuit, depending on its features, absorbing lots of energy. It gives greater safety, increases the kart’s useful life, prevents driver injury and enhances the circuit’s appearance.

· Appreciably lowers kart maintenance costs
· Allows for widening the track
· Allows more karts per turn
· Maximum absorption of energy on impact (G Force)
· Greater driver safety
· Longer useful life for karts
· Low maintenance
· Quick and easy change of track design
· Available in several colours
· Permanent tracks or special events
· Spectacular appearance